Fomorians is a term used to describe a brutal and powerful race of misshapen monsters. Also referred to as the "Elder Darks", they appear as colossi constructed from man's primal fears.



As creatures of winter and destruction, they can be seen as the progenitors of the Unseelie. In ancient times the Fomorians were the most potent champions of horrific dreams, perhaps even evil gods of a sort. Deformed beyond description, they were said to be inhumanly beautiful or inhumanly hideous. Woe to their subjects that cross their path - the nobility are tyrants who used to rule many of the Adhene.

Traditional enemies of the Tuatha de Danann and the Sidhe, they were banished into the depths of the Dreaming after they lost the War of Trees against their foes, and their followers were cast behind the Silver Path. In the present day, some still influence the Shadow Court.

In 20th Edition, the Thallain are their children, and their return in great numbers in the wake of the September 11th attacks is a herald of their awakening.

Imprisonment and Faction Edit

Before Arcadia, before the sidhe rose out of the Hearthlands and took their place as rulers of the Dream, the fomorians ruled. The trolls remember the Fomorian Dream, but they do not speak of it. According to the Green and Black Compendia, it was an age of strange wonders, haunting beauty and terror, and the oldest of all the stories... ones that no longer make sense even to faeries.

Neither Seelie nor Unseelie, but comprising three ancient courts of their own, the fomorians are best remembered now as preternatural monsters, against which the sidhe rebelled in the conflict known as the War of the Trees or the Fomoriomachy. After a seemingly eternal and undoubtedly apocalyptic series of battles, the three courts of the fomorians were chained and imprisoned in the depths of the Dream Forest, on the peaks of the Dream Mountains, and at the bottom of the Dream Sea.

Most of the fomorians are still chained. Since Arcadia has locked itself away from the Dreaming, though, some have gotten loose and are even now calligraphies their forces to these wild territories in the depths of the Far Dreaming. Between the locked gates and the Earth, nestled among dreams a forgotten memories, the Great Monsters are taking root.

Notable Fomorians Edit


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