The Followers of Seth are an Mekhet cult within the Circle of the Crone and the Ordo Dracul that venerate the figure of Typhon-Seth. They are known to practice a special brand of Crúac.


Originally part of the Cult of Seth, one of two Egyptian groups that upheld the Cosmic Balance between Chaos and Order, the Followers of Seth follow their mandate even in undeath. Some tie the Followers of Seth in the origin myths of the Khaibit bloodline, while their rivals are rumored to survive as a conspiracy of Hunters known as the Ascending Ones.

The god Typhon-Seth mandated that things collapse, but that depended on spiritual powers not gaining the upper hand in the material realm. True entropy can only be achieved if no spiritual power takes control, especially not the shadow-owls. Beings escaped from the spirit worlds and Hells of the Sethite cosmology may seem to cause collapse and trouble, but really, they bring a kind of tyranny. They are the keepers of oaths, the possessors of bodies, the eaters of souls. They bring evil to the world without freedom. The Sethites believe that true chaos depends on there being no conscious agency maintaining it or controlling it beyond Typhon-Seth and his agents, who only set the ball rolling, or push that first domino.

The cult seeks destabilization for the sake of upholding their part of the Cosmic Order and to end the interference of otherworldly entities in the world. To this end, they target vampire and human societies alike, spreading chaos and anarchy through intricate plans to disrupt major plans. Most cultists are unaware of their role in the greater schemes of the cult.



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