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Garou glyph for Flux realm

The Flux, Flux Realm, or Radiance is a Realm within the Near Umbra. It is a powerful reservoir of pure, undiluted Wyld energy, untainted by the chartering of the Weaver.


As one of the last anchors of the Wyld within the world, it is a place of chaos, of constant change and endless possibility. Entrance into this Realm is very difficult, as the Pattern Web is particular thick there. Leaving the Realm can be even more of a challenge.

Within the Flux realm, the laws of reality are more malleable and changeable. There are no fixed landmark, for the realm is in a constant state of metamorphosis. Mountains are born and crumble, deserts bloom into jungles and forests only to wilt into ash and be reborn yet again. Expanses of forests float through the sky, a sky that itself is no one color but a myriad of exotic shades and hues. Each of these colours dribble and flow into an ocean before igniting into flame.

The very laws of physics are useless as earth falls away from itself in defiance of gravity. The Sun burns with as many colors as the sky, blue, black, green, and red. Stars and constellations wheel randomly in the heavens. Time itself is malleable, consequences happen before their causes. Minutes can pass like days, weeks in the blink of an eye. Wyldstorms rage across the landscape and change and form everything around them.

The Flux Realm is inhabited by various Wyld spirits, Bygones, and other creatures that were constricted by the limitations of the Weaver in other realms. Every being within the Flux realm begins to change in numerous ways; Fera often shift back and forth between their forms.