Flight is a supernatural Discipline, unique to the Gargoyle bloodline, that allows these vampires to fly.


Too heavy to fly by natural means, the stony Gargoyles must use this Discipline; other Cainites capable of flight (by transforming into a bat or mist using Protean, for example) do not need it and cannot learn it.

Gargoyles are unaware that Flight is a mystical power; they accept that they can fly because it is part and parcel of being a Gargoyle. They see a higher rating in Flight simply as greater flying skill.

Official AbilitiesEdit

There are no individual powers for Flight. Each level allows the Gargoyle to fly with greater speed and maneuverability. All Gargoyles start with a free dot of Flight.[1]

Menu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet The vampire cannot actually fly, but can soar like a hang-glider. He also cannot carry anything (he needs his  hands  to  help  steer).  Maximum  speed  is  equal  to prevailing  winds,  or  15  miles/25  kilometers  per  hour in calm air.

Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet The  vampire can  make  a  running  takeoff  and carry 20 pounds/10 kilograms while flying. Maximum speed is 30 miles/50 kilometers per hour.

Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet The  vampire can  make  a  straight,  vertical takeoff if unencumbered, or can make a running takeoff carrying up to 50 pounds/25 kg. Maximum air speed is 45 miles/70 kilometers per hour.

Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bullet The vampire can now make a vertical takeoff with up to 50 pounds/25 kg of baggage, but can carry up to 100 pounds/45 kg while flying. Maximum speed is 60 miles/95 kilometers per hour.

Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bullet The  vampire can  now  carry  up  to  200 pounds/90  kg,  easily  enough  to  carry  away  an  adult person (or vampire). Maximum speed is 75 miles/120 kilometers per hour.

Further dots in the Discipline add 100 pounds/45 kg of weight and 20 miles/30 kilometers per hour to the speed.

Version Differences Edit

  • The Book of Storyteller Secrets refers to Flight as an Ability (a Skill), but note that it's treated as a Discipline for the purposes of character creation and the spending of experience points.[1]
  • Flight used to be a part of Visceratika. Later they was treated as separate disciplines.
  • In Revised Edition the wings of a Gargoyle grew with Visceratika instead of Flight. This was suspected to be an error from Second Edition where Flight was an aspect of Visceratika. In V20 the wings grew with increased level of Flight.


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