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Fleshweld ghouls are a modern Sabbat creation, ghouls designed to be powerful shock-troops, while still capable of discretion in a modern environment.

While the Sabbat is no newcomer to using ghouls in this way, notably the vozhd, modern technologies rendered such ghouls obsolete, as their immense size and indiscretion made them vulnerable to modern weapons. To replace those now obsolete ghouls, Sabbat Necronomists used methods derived from Tzimisce fleshcrafting and the remains of the Blood Brothers, to develop these new abominations.

Each group, or clutch, of these consists of a number of highly conditioned ghouls, able to merge their bodies into a single monstrosity reminiscent of the medieval vozhd. The transformation is quick but not reversible, and the clutch usually waits until it’s right upon its prey to maximize the element of terror and surprise. Once merged, the fleshweld monstrosity tears through its victims like a red hurricane, its continued existence hinging on consuming mortal flesh and vampire vitae.[1]