The psion slows the motion of free liquids, freezing them to solids in the space of seconds. This effect can be used on such high temperature liquids as boiling water or molten metal, although the higher the substance’s current temperature the more challenging this becomes. Flash Freeze is not effective against living beings or other complex organisms. This power may also be used for less direct effects, such as condensing and freezing surrounding water vapor (a psion could Fill his drink with ice and dehumidify the room at the same time).


Spend one Psi point and roll. The number of extra successes required to freeze a target depends on the substance and its current temperature. The chart below indicates the number of successes needed to freeze a substance with an ambient temperature between 10 “C and 40 “C. The target remains frozen until it thaws naturally back to ambient temperature (for particularly large or dense substances, this could take hours).

A greater number of successes may be required for significantly hotter substances. Generally, the Storyteller may require an extra success for every additional 40 “C that a substance is above 40 “C. If you don’t roll the full number of successes required, your character can still reduce the substance’s temperature by an amount that the Storyteller feels is suitable. A surface or object affected by this power suffers the effects of a drastically reduced temperature, from frosted- or iced-over surface to brittleness to possibly permanent structural damage. Specifics are up to the Storyteller. Your character can affect a substance that is up to his Psi score in meters radius at a range of up to five times this Mode’s rating in meters (at 3 Cryokinesis, he can Flash Freeze a substance up to 15 meters away). At 4 Cryokinesis, he may freeze a number of separate substances equal to his Psi score, simultaneously.


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