The Firstborn are the children of Father Wolf sired by other wolf-spirits. As Incarnae they were approached by the Uratha for patronage, but would not give it without a fight. The Tribes proved themselves through a bloody war, each gaining the favor of their half-brothers and half-sisters.

The Forsaken look towards five:

The Pure have totems of their own, Father Wolf's three most unforgiving, hateful, and bitter spirit children who reached out to the Pure as a means to punish those who killed their father.

The Bale Hounds have tales of an apocryphal, sick other child that was corrupted by the Maeljin.

There appears to have been more children of Father Wolf that existed before the Sundering, but these appear to not have survived the end of Pangaea or never chose a tribe to patronize.

  • Ravening Wolf, whose remains are rumored to lie in Mongolia
  • Sky Hunter, whose whereabouts are unknown but who was on par with Destroyer Wolf and Dire Wolf in ferocity
  • Wolf-Who-Whispers, a secretive firstborn with limited hunting range
  • Eater of Names, a firstborn that targeted mages that intruded into Pangaea
  • The Opalescent and Iridescent twins, who commanded large tribes of humans and Uratha to raise temples and other structures for the glory of Urfarah and Luna.


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