The First Metis is one of the chosen creatures of the Wyrm and one of the most powerful enemies of the Garou Nation. He is also feared as the First Ronin. Despite being something akin to a bogeyman among the Garou, he is real and a force to be reckoned with.


When the First Metis was born, his fellows were disgusted by his abnormal appearance and when the breach of the Litany of his parents was about to be punished, he lashed out against the elders, injuring them severely. For this, he was banished from Garou society and forced to travel alone. As both humans and wolves rejected him, he threw his lot with the Wyrm, who offered him his friendship and became one of the most dreaded enemies of his race. For this, he replaced his fangs and claws with silver ones and covered his body with magical tattoos that would reflect the name and legend of every Garou he would ever kill.

Today, the First Metis still walks the earth, immortal through the embrace of the Wyrm. He attacks Garou that travel alone or have abandoned their packs.

POWERS AND ABILITIES No stats were revealed for the first metis.

It knows all Gaian Garou gifts until level four (yes, all gifts) and all Black Spiral Dancers gifts until level five.

If players are lucky enough to do considerable damage to this monster, it will just disappear and reform somewere else (could be malfeas or other place on the physical world).


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