Fireweed is a Totem of the Nunnehi.

Overview Edit

Fireweed is a survivor, thriving in normally inhospitable land such as regions devastated by forest fires or areas distressed by excavations. She also makes her home in the damp, fertile soil of the Rockies and the higher Appalachians. Noted for her striking magenta blooms, Fireweed symbolizes the natural power of plant life to renew itself, restoring growth and beauty to lands gutted by humans or nature. Native tribes relied on Fireweed as a food source, eating the shoots, making soup from the stems, and brewing tea from the leaves. The roots and leaves of Fireweed also have medicinal value as an astringent and for ailments ranging from asthma to whooping cough. Fireweed is tenacious and hardy, and respects those qualities in other creatures.

Traits & Taboo Edit

  • Background Cost: 2

Traits Edit

Fireweed grants her children Herbalism 2 and one additional point of Stamina.

Taboo (Ban) Edit

Fireweed requires her children to assist in land reclamation projects whenever possible.

References Edit

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