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The Firchlis is a wave of change that ripples through the Dreaming and randomly alters landscapes or even the weather.

Changelings themselves are unaffected by the Firchlis, but it makes travel through the Dreaming quite exciting. One of the reasons travelers must never step off a trod is that, should the Firchlis pass through, the trod might not remain where they left it.[1] In other situations, the Firchlis can transform a pleasant dream into a Nightmare Realm of foul weather and hostile chimerae.[2] The Firchlis has even been known to dump travelers in the Far Dreaming without warning or preparation.[3]

There are stable points in the Dreaming unaffected, or at least less affected, by the Firchlis.[4] This includes homesteads and freeholds in the Dreaming, which may at most experience some cosmetic alterations. The cost of this stability is that changelings find it harder to shed Banality in these safe havens.[5]

Fir-bholgs have a Birthright, Breath of Firchlis, that lets them manipulate the Dreaming in minor ways, not so powerful as the Firchlis but (probably) under their control.[6]