In the Common parlance of the Kithain, a Fior is a contest or challenge, the point of which is to determine justice.

Overview Edit

The Fior is a time-honored tradition of the nobility and is also used by many Commoner Courts and even motleys. The Fior is trial by ordeal. There are as many kinds of Fior as there are changelings, and not all of them are used in legal proceedings. (For example, a wooed lover may demand a Fior of her suitor.) In a legal setting a Fior is, in part, dictated by the details of the infraction. A serious crime demands a more serious test to exonerate the accused. Often the Fior is in some way tantamount to the infraction, forcing the accused to address his sins. In a Uasal Court a Fior is almost always backed by Glamour and its decision is enforced by the Dreaming. It is also believed that the investment of Glamour into the proceedings helps to bring about a just decision. (An innocent changeling is helped by the Dreaming during her Fior, a guilty one is hindered.) The results of the Fior are final. Some modem changelings object to the Fior as archaic and barbaric, but surprisingly the vast majority of fae still support it.

References Edit

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