The Fields of A'aru are the residence of the Judges of Ma'at and are located within the Underworld amidst the ruins of the Dark Kingdom of Sand. A'aru can only be found when the bodiless spirit of a mummy is accompained by Anubis or one of his servants, the Aken. It is a place for wraiths that have proven themselves worthy of finding Heaven (possibly acting in the manner originally intended for the Fishers).

A'aru is styled as an oasis amidst the howling sandstorm of the Dja-akh that churns without relent, a beacon of tranquility that allows the souls of the Amenti to rest until they return to the world of matter to continue their struggle. Beneath A'aru, however, lies Amemait, the Devourer, Oblivion in its purest essence. The hearts of those found unworthy before Ma'at are tossed into it, destroyed completely and beyon any attempt of resurrection.


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