The Fiefs of Bright Paradise are a cluster of Islands in the Ocean of Atlantis.

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The Fiefs of Bright Paradise consist of all the Caribbean Islands (Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico, and many islands in the Bermuda Triangle not recorded on human maps and possibly having only chimerical reality). The Fiefs live up to their name in many ways, at least for the fae. While much of the mortal population lives in terrifying poverty, the kithain live lives of high adventure and tempestuous romance. The laws of Concordia hold little sway here, which is reflected in the Dreaming, which is wild and unpredictable.

Sunny seas, tropical hurricanes and chimerical maelstroms come and go with great frequency. Chimerical sea serpents and other monstrous creatures swim the seas of the Dreaming here. Great whirlpools expose the ocean floor, offering opportunities for adventure and treasure to the daring changeling. The Dreaming here is highly balkanized, divided among many local leaders. Such leaders include several powerful nunnehi chiefs, an Unseelie count who steals dreams from the unwary, and an eshu pirate queen.

Brilliant blue waters, sparkling sands, lush palms, and an easy way of life characterize the dreams of the fae in the lands of the Caribbean Sea. Although Concordia has tried repeatedly to claim these lands, they manage to elude the rule by a continent-based government. Only the larger islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic) have governments of any recognizable nature. Many of the smaller islands have set themselves up as pirate republics, with no rulers except for the captains of chimeric (and sometimes real) pirate ships. These pirate lands enjoy raiding adjoining islands, tourist vacation centers, and the shores of Concordia, particularly near the Kingdom of the White Sands.

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