Fida'i is a term used by the Assamites to describe a fledgeling of the their clan; a neonate Warrior still in training.


Warriors who are new to the Blood are known as fida'i (roughly "devotee"). This signifies that the neonate has the will to serve Haqim, if not the skills. Fida'i remain as such until they have demonstrated that they are capable of carrying out the requests of Alamut. Traditionally, this is at the end of a period of intensive training in both mundane skills and vampiric existence, though some individuals have received the blood for acts that placed them above the fida'i even before the Embrace. Calling a Warrior fida'i after he has been recognized as holding a higher station within the caste is moderately insulting, as it implies that he is incapable of making his own contributions to the Children of Haqim and the caste. The closest equivalent to fida'i status is that of an unreleased childe in the Camarilla or a Sabbat "shovelhead" who has yet to prove herself.

Assamite Warriors HierarchyEdit

  • Fida'i ("devotee")
  • Rafiq ("comrade")
  • Da'i ("missionary")
  • Ace


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