fetter: Shackles or leg irons. A kind of physical restraint used on the feet or ankles. The term "fetter" shares a root with the word "foot."

A Fetter is a person, place, or object that ties a wraith to the Shadowlands and keeps them from moving on. Along with allowing a wraith to hang on to their existence and keeping them from falling into Oblivion, Fetters are also places where a wraith can Slumber and gain back Pathos and Corpus. In addition, any Arcanoi a wraith knows are easier to use when they are around their Fetter. Fetters can be manipulated, made, and severed by the Arcanos Lifeweb as well.

If a Fetter is destroyed, the wraith loses a major tie to the Shadowlands, and therefore their existence becomes more shaky. Wraiths with no Fetters do not last long in the Shadowlands, as they have no place to recharge and nothing to tie them to their unlife. Wraiths who lose their Fetters in this fashion will fall prey to a Harrowing and probably end up pulled into Oblivion.

Fetters can also be resolved, meaning a wraith gains the strength to say goodbye to the things and people they loved in life. A wraith who loses all of their Fetters by resolution has taken a major step towards achieving Transcendence.

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