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Ferrum is the Refinement of Iron, or the Corpus. Prometheans who follow this Refinement believe that since the soul is rooted in the body, control of the body will grant mastery of the soul.


Many believe that the Refinement of Iron has its roots in warrior cultures from around the world; martial arts and studies are believed to improve and hone the soul as well as the body and mind, which may lead to a better understanding of a Promethean's own nature. Others believe that pain is a constant part of their suffering; if they can overcome the physical pain, as many famous heroes of legend have, they come that much closer to being a part of humanity. Most Ferrum Prometheans have deep senses of honor and will rarely fight to fight; they always have something to prove to themselves or their opponent.


Some Prometheans never find the Refinement of Iron, as some cultures dictate the strength of the spiritual over the physical. Others are put off by drastically altering their physical form, although some may be more attracted to more graceful, athletic aspects of Ferrum. The Tammuz revel in the Refinement of Iron, as many believe their physical strength to be the only thing powerful or good about them. Some Nepri also come to follow Ferrum because of the disciplined nature of the Refinement. The Ulgan are least likely to follow the Refinement of Iron, as they deal in matters of the spirit, not the flesh.


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