The Fellowship of the Mountain is one part of the tripartite foundation of every Troll Lodge.

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The Fellowship of the Mountain deals with the spiritual and historical aspects of troll society. At first, this might seem to be a very small domain, until one realizes that Glamour is at the heart of all fae spirituality. This fellowship is responsible for maintaining the Balefire in their given freehold, as well as the keeping and reciting of all lore and legends. Every Beltaine, it falls to this fellowship to renew the fires and recite the oral history of the trolls, including excerpts from both The Tapestry of Slumber and The Chronicles of Leander.

The majority of this fellowship are the grumps of the lodge who constantly try to pass on their wisdom. There are also occasionally wilders with gifts for oratory or history. A childling with appropriate gifts may also be taken on as a student.

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