The Fellowship of the Hearth is one part of the tripartite foundation of every Troll Lodge.

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The Fellowship of the Hearth handles the normal domestic affairs of the lodge. In times past, this has included everything from the allocation of labor on the collective farmlands and hunting grounds to the physical maintenance of the freehold itself. In more modern times this has come to include the paying of rent and utilities where appropriate, seeing to deliveries, and keeping interference from humans to a minimum. Though even the sidhe are moving away from the agrarian roots of their society, trolls remain truest to them, which is no surprise considering their attachment to nature. As such, it should also come as no surprise that the Fellowship of the Hearth carries as much weight as it does, particularly within a kith known for its warrior ways.

Traditionally, childlings belong to this fellowship as it is here that they can be of the most use. They rarely have places of leadership, though, and often a grump will act as Chamberlain or Steward of the freehold. Wilders are the least common seeming in this fellowship, though it is not unheard of for them to be members if they have the talents, especially if there is a dearth of lodge members.

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