Fellowship Hall is a Chantry of the Cult of Ecstasy near the city of Bath in England.

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Not far from Bath sits a manor house, first constructed in the days of King James I. Nestled in the center of several acres of apple orchards, Fellowship Hall has been the site of many ofthe Kingdom of Mist's most famous gatherings, despite the fact that its lord is not one of the Good Folk.

Fellowship Hall is in fact a Chantry, a meeting place and stronghold of a group of Cult of Ecstasy mages. The hall stands on land that has, since the late middle ages, been the headquarters in England for a sect of Ecstatics, known as the Fellowship of Pan, in one form or another. Membership has varied over the years, but today only five Ecstatics gather here.

Since its founding, the Fellowship of Pan has encouraged close ties between the Ecstatics and satyrs. The drinking contests waged at Fellowship Hall are legendary, as are other more athletic tests of endurance. Satyrs are among the most common Kithain guests, but all commoners are made welcome, so long as they are willing to join in the festivities. Whether their guests come for an evening or a month, whether they stop for an evening of revelry or for a safe haven from those who seek to do them harm, all, save the fae lords, are made welcome. For its part in aiding their satyr allies in the War of Ivy, the Fellowship remains unpopular with the sidhe, though neither side wants to be the one to initiate hostilities.

If, over the course of an evening, guests hear the tale of how the goats and their allies drove a cabal of Hermetic mages from the area, it will not he the first time such a tale has been told. If any survivors on the Hermetic side told their tale, no doubt the story would be different, but they seem to have abandoned the place to the goats and their kin.

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