Fellowships form the tripartite foundation of all Troll Lodges.

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Fellowships are, in essence, three bureaus or staffs that every lodge will possess. Membership in a fellowship is exclusive, though no one is bound to a particular one for life. Traditionally, there is a standard movement through them tied to the age of the troll. Childlings are most often members of the Fellowship of the Hearth, as it is there they can be of the most use. The Fellowship of the Storm has its ranks filled by the vast majority of wilders; it's a sad truth of warfare that it calls for and uses up the youth. Finally, the Fellowship of the Mountain is most often the home of respected grumps who attempt to pass their wisdom on to the young. This is by no means an absolute, however. Childlings have served as excellent scouts; grumps operate as chamberlains (a position almost always held by a member of the Fellowship of the Hearth) and generals, and wilders have been known to excel in the arts of history and oratory in the Fellowship of the Mountain.

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