The Feed is a Methodology of the New World Order which was created specifically to deal with issues arising from the Internet, with a special focus on social media.


The Feed is one of the youngest methodologies in the entire Union, having only been funded post-2005. The Collegium of Information Technology of the Ivory Tower, shocked by the unexpected and growing prominence of the Internet, demanded answers about the reason of this and turned to the Watchers. The Watchers created a small sub-methodology out of experienced Lensmen, but these only learned that the Internet was unlike any media they had encountered before. To better accommodate study, the Inner Circle approved the funding of a new methodology, creating them from the best Lensmen of the Watchers and senior Collegium members of the Ivory Tower.


The Feed does not only monitor social media, but also seeks to answer the question why more and more Sleepers seem to be able to become Extraordinary Citizens. Some speculate that the technological level has risen enough that global Ascension is within reach, others that humanity itself has advanced further through the Reckoning. Several Extraordinary Citizens have been incorporated into the Union thanks to the Feed, often with minimal Mind Procedures to preserve their attunement to the Internet and the current zeitgeist.

WIthin the Union, the Feed has a mixed reputation. Several regard them as a clean-up effort of the N.W.O to fix the Internet, and that they get all the new funding and personnel grates them. Others point to their obvious successes and that new experts for the medium are sorely needed.


As a young methodology, the Feed is built on three new divisions that mostly recruit their numbers of members from other Methodologies and Conventions. This brain drain from other Technocratic institutions is regarded with hostility from several members, but the Feed pays handsomely enough for many to ignore it.

  • Trend Analysts: Recruited mostly from former lensmen, these agents analyze the Internet, looking for patterns that can begin to unlock its secrets. They mainly evaluate data they are given by their agents in the field and report back to the other Conventions.
  • Deep Divers: The Deep Divers have the task to stay "up-to-date" with current trends in the Internet. A thankless and time-consuming job, the Divers spend most of their time on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and similar pages where data is exchanged and trends are formed.
  • Handlers: Handlers recruit promising Extraordinary Citizens that were "awakened" by the Internet into the fold of the Union. Several handlers are former Grey Suits.


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