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Real-life Events

  • 2009
    • Books released:
      • CofD: The Alley T-Shirt M
      • CofD: The Alley T-Shirt L
      • CofD: The Alley T-Shirt XL
      • CofD: The Alley T-Shirt XXL

World of Darkness Events

  • 1972
    • The Nepalese Chantry Raid occurs. The raid is one of the classic operations John Courage pulled off before he defected (the first time).[6]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 1923
    • Several academics who had been investigating the Inquiry on behalf of Whitley Styles are framed for stock market fraud and arrested.[9]
  • 1999
    • Dr. Phylicia Cassant speculates on the real story behind the Galatea explosion. "Is it possible that one of the men and women aboard was the first aberrant, and that he or she somehow engineered the explosion to create others like himself or herself?"[10]
  • 2012
    • PBS shows a documentary, "'Moral Warfare'?: Combat Elites Talk About Their Experiences on the Front Lines." The show includes a segment from Eleanor "Cloudburst" Shechter, who was a DeVries elite during the 2001 conflict in Nigeria.[11]
  • 2014
    • Point/Counterpoint With Leif Magnusson airs an episode where Leif moderates a discussion regarding elites between a Ms. Santos and a Mr. Renault.[12]
  • 2017
    • The Church of Astaroth plans to draw all the followers together at their Second Altar, the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, for their final invocation. The five avatars will gather together and merge with Astaroth, forming The Astaroth, who will swell up and rampage across the world.[13][14][15][16]
  • 2045


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