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Classic World of Darkness Events Edit

  • 3102 BCE
    • At midnight during a new moon, a new Kali Yuga (the Age of Iron, or the Age of Darkness) begins. This age is supposedly the final one before the end of the universe, when the Brahma rests and Shiva closes her eyes.[2][3]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

  • 1999
    • On his way to a meeting with economic advisers, Boris Yeltsin dies of a heart attack, setting off a breakdown of the Russian government.[4] The chaos leads to Russia's total economic collapse. Russia's financial woes spread through already weakened world markets, and cause the world's worst one-day market losses ever. "The Moscow Crash," as it is later termed, plunges the world into a massive recession.[5][6] Some blame the depredations of organized crime for the Crash.[7] Andrei Srebrianski, as Yeltsin's Vice-President, ascends to the presidency.[8]
    • Riots in Windhoek, the capitol of Namibia, and at DeBeers properties in Namibia, are quelled by novas of the recently formed DeVries Agency.[9]
    • Mayumi Morioka erupts during a riot at the Nikkei, gaining telepathic and telekinetic powers that help her quell the situation. She later goes on to become "Kou," the leader of Nippontai.[10]

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