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Real-life Events

Chronicles of Darkness Events

  • February 13-February 21: Parentalia in Rome. All temples are closed and no business is conducted, for fear of retribution from the dead. Lasts until February 21st.[1]

World of Darkness Events

  • 1999
    • At Enrique Macias' residence, Macias admonishes Shannon Labour for walking into the Blue Unicorn and asking the cashier if he knows any real witches. He repeats that she should just go out, mingle, and meet people.[5]
  • 2013
    • The body of former cinematographer Helen Richards is found in Carl Schurz Park. The autopsy shows she died of exposure while under the influence of illegal substances.[6]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2008
    • The South Carolina Primary is held.[7]


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