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Faustians are one of the Factions in Demon: The Fallen. Fallen who are Faustians believe strongly in the abilities and talents of humans, and wish to use those things to overthrow God.

The Houses that have fallen most likely to be Faustian are the Annunaki and the Lammasu, and to a lesser extent the Namaru. The Asharu are least likely to follow the Faustian philosophy.


When humans were created, they acquired a tiny part of God's power within them; this made them vastly different from the Elohim, who, while created directly by God, were made only to serve Him. Faustians tend to manipulate humans so that they can figure out how to use this morsel of power to their benefit.

Although they appear to help humanity only to use it for their own purposes, most Faustians actually believe their goals and methods will help both fallen and mortals in the end. A few do see humans as little more than tools to be used in reaching their final goal and only take interest in the humans they control as they would the health of a prized herd of cattle.


The most famous of the Faustians, the Namaru Belphigor, is also considered the most powerful of them; however, Belphigor's Torment has gotten extremely high in the last few centuries and he has begun to hate mortals for having what he does not. He uses them so that he may tread on them; however, most of the Faustians do not know this and so willingly go along with Belphigor's ideas and plans. In contrast, Senival travels the world looking for examples of humanity's greatest accomplishments. She is one of the few who suspects Belphigor's view of humanity has changed and is hoping to turn the Faustians to her humanitarian stance.

The Faustians claim to have the remains of a cherub found in the bottom of Meteor Crater, which would give them one of the most important sources of power of the five Factions; in truth, their claims are false. The power that the Faustians claim from the cherub actually comes from two fragments of the sword of Michael that was shattered at Genhinnom. One fragment is a powerful blade forged from one fragment and carried by Belphigor; the other is the tip of the blade that has been reshaped into a special set of bullets that destroys the Faith of anyone hit with it.

Background Info

The Faustians are named after the main character from a famous German tale based on the real-life figure Johann Georg Faust. The most famous English language retelling of the tale is arguably the play The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe.


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