Father Wolf, sometimes also referred to as Mother Wolf or, more correctly, by his First Tongue name Urfarah, was the Pangaean god of the hunt and one of the ancestors of the Uratha.


In ancient times, Father Wolf was the most powerful predator in Pangea. In this time, the barriers between the realms of flesh and of spirit were not as thick as they are today and exchange from both sides were more easy. Balance between them both was kept by Father Wolf, a being from the Border Marches of great power, who patrolled the borders between the worlds, with teeth and claws he pushed the mortals back into safety of the world of flesh and suppressed the mightiest of spirits who would dare to disturb it, so that both realms could live in peace from each other. To those spirits who followed the balance, he allowed spirits to remain in the spirit world and even form cults around them. His eyes were said to burn with supernatural strength and conviction, the righteous rage that made him the greatest hunter there ever was. He clashed and fought with numerous great beasts, both Pangaean and spirit, to keep order.

The people worshipped Urfarah as a god of war and the hunt. The Wise used the Great Wolf as a symbol of desire, hunger, death, and blood, as well as violent and destructive magic. His descendants believed that Father Wolf was, himself, the creator and representative of Pangaea. According to themselves, in the earliest days of the Border Marches, shards of Wolf’s soul were torn from its body as it struggled with other Pangaeans, and these shards found root in the fertile flesh of humanity. When the Great Predator began to weaken, many believed that the reason for this was that humanity had turned from the ways of the hunter to the way of agriculture. The resulting shift in Resonance and Essence shaped the Shadow to Urfarah's misfortune, which other Pangaeans, like the Spinner-Hag, against which he fought used to their benefit.

According to the legends of the modern Uratha, Luna, amazed by his power, descended from the sky and the two gave birth to the First Pack, the ancestors of the Uratha, part human, part wolf and part spirit. Five of his sons, the ancestors of the Tribes of the Moon, slew him when he got too old and weak to maintain his vigil. With his last breath, Father Wolf let out a monstrous howl that sundered the very fabric of the worlds and between them rose the Gauntlet, a barrier separating the worlds of the spirits and the flesh. The event is remembered as the Sundering.


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