Father Mule is a Totem of Respect.


Mule, sterile son of Horse, is a totem who particularly favors metis. He values hard work, stubbornness and strength. Lupus consider him a Weaver-thing, as they commonly believe (incorrectly) that hybrids do not occur in the wild. Homids consider him strange and perverse. He will not accept any fertile being as his child. Garou who follow Horse or Bull will be well disposed toward children of Mule.

  • Background Cost: 5

Traits & Ban


  • Individual Traits: Each pack member gains a point of Honor Renown; metis that follow Mule are presumed to bear their situation with grace.
  • Pack Traits: Mule grants his packs an extra dot of Strength and Stamina, which may be assigned as usual. 


Mule requires that his children obey all lawful orders. They must stubbornly refuse all unlawful orders. As noted above, no fertile being will be accepted by Mule so, in addition to metis, he only adopts sterile or barren homid and lupus Garou.


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