The Fangs of Mara are a left-handed Legacy that deals with supernal fear and the abyssal terrors who invoke it.


Some Awakened scholars believe that its philosophy has always existed, in one form or another. Such allegations can neither be confirmed nor denied, however, and only a scant few facts exist to corroborate the claims of the Fangs, or of the mages who condemn them. What is known is that the Fangs derive some measure of their power from the acamoth and their Abyss-bound kin. What few people know is that the Fangs fight for this power and wrest it from the mind-shattering dreams of the acamoth and their ilk, striving to use the gained knowledge to destroy them and bridge the gap between the Fallen World and the Supernal Realms. While some Fangs of Mara quite probably are slaves to Abyssal entities, such Fangs are, given the Legacy’s self-appointed task, in the minority.

The ultimate objective of the Fangs of Mara is so grandiose, and seen (by those few non-Nightmares that know if it) as such a colossal work of Hubris, as to make virtually any sane willworker see the Fangs as enemies. It takes an especially powerful sense of pride to imagine that any artifice of mortal magic could destroy the acamoth and their ilk (despite how much some mages want to believe). More even than their reverence for the power of fear, this objective — the overthrow of the lords of the Abyss — binds the Legacy together. It is the one thing they all agree upon. If the Awakened world paints the Fangs as villains because of that struggle, the Fangs will be vindicated in the end. History will remember them as the saviors that they are. Thy have no idea how to achieve this goal, but all are confident that they will eventually succeed.

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