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Familiars (or their technomancer equivalent, Constructs or Companions) are entities that often take on animal form but with usually human-level or above intelligence, some degree of wisdom beyond that intelligence, enhanced perception and usually physical abilities above what you'd otherwise expect[1]. The primary purpose of a Familiar is to act as a companion to the mage as their lives are often quite strange and keeping a human around may be hard. Familiars often receive something for their service which usually scales with their potency, usually in form of quintessence or other offerings.

Familiars can have exceptional powers such as the ability to breathe fire, spit acid, eat Paradox (referred to as the Feast of Nettles), or provide high levels of advice and guidance as the Mentor Background.

The death of a familiar can cause significant harm to the bonded mage such as loss of Quintessence or Willpower.

Familiar Types

  • Charismatic megafauna: wolves, alligators, birds of prey
  • Small capable animals: mice, rats, cats
  • Attack animals: large dog or big cat, raptor, spider
  • Machines: robots or mechanical assistants
  • Servitors: clones or data constructs
  • Dead things: zombies or body parts
  • Constructs: golems or cyborgs
  • Hybrids: mercreatures, centaurs
  • Aliens: greys, horrors of beyond space and time
  • Imps: small devils
  • Spirit servitors: elementals, minor ghosts
  • Data beasts: animate programs on the Digital Web

Famous Familiars

Mr. Mistoffelees - Familiar of Penny Dreadful