Fame is one of the common Backgrounds in Classic World of Darkness games. Fame is the most addictive drug as well as the most fashionable religion in the 21st Century. People who are famous are those who have obtained some form of social significance or recognition in the public domain, often at the cost of their humility. By virtue of the ‘freedom of opportunity’ policy of American society, as well as the luck and competence of the individual, fame can be attained by many means; one can land a lead role in a particularly successful or high-budget movie, one can ‘make a scene’ and gain some notoriety, one can found or join a band and land a record deal, or one can become involved in the political processes and, if he has the necessary contacts and resources, become either a well-liked or deeply-despised manipulator of public opinion, just to name a few examples. Fame can also be inherited by being either born or adopted into a significant or otherwise publically recognized (or despised) family. One can also capitalize on humanity’s obsession with righteousness and bravery and earn fame through acts of heroism and sacrifice, provided that one survives the ordeal and if such actions are considered important or noble enough to make it to the public eye (assuming they go public at all).

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