The False Morann is the puppet of the Nocker Cranad and the nominal head of Cranad's Legion.

Overview Edit

When Morann, the Nocker head of House Dougal during the Interregnum, was reborn in the early 1960s, then-current Grand Master of House Dougal, Cranad, was less than happy to see him. Cranad was a master of crafting Golems and often made simulacra of his friends as practical jokes. This time he made a simulacra of Morann and killed the real nocker, though for some reason without using Cold Iron. He put his Golem Morann up as a puppet leader of the House with himself as the power behind the throne.

With the return of the Sidhe in 1969, and with them High Lord Donovan, Cranad and his puppet were deposed and fled, possibly to Hibernia, to create an Unseelie version of House Dougal in service to the Shadow Court and allied with House Balor.

Personal Edit

It is unknown if the False Morann realizes he is in fact a False Morann. A golem may be sentient and it may be, in fact, operating under the impression that it IS Morann. If this is the case, than Cranad has broken many of the rules that govern creating and respecting the selfhood of the Golem.

References Edit

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