The False Awakening is a curse-like phenomenon known to infect Sleepers and grant them Supernal powers.


The False Awakening is a curse created in 1993 by a Silver Ladder mage named Portia. Portia tried to use a ritual to awaken her boyfriend, and while it had seemingly functioned, her boyfriend awakened to no known Path. In time, her boyfriend began to see Supernal correspondences in the Fallen World and started a ritual to ascend to the Supernal Realms that cost him his life.

The False Awakening induces its victims with maddening dreams full of twisted symbols, wrong beginnings, and empty endings that simulate an Awakening. The victim is able to use the power of a newly awakened mage and, through the growing influence of the False Awakening, gains power on a much higher scale than a normal mage, although several derangements accompany this growth of power. In the end, the victim also tries to use a ritual to ascend to the Realms Supernal, a ritual that's inevitably always deadly for the user. Afterwards, the False Awakening searches out a new victim, normally one that has investigated the strange compulsions of its previous bearer.

The only known cure for the False Awakening is a true Awakening that tears down the veil of lies that the False Awakening had laid down. The False Awakening searches for a new victim afterwards.


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