Fall Breeze

From The Fragile Path: Testaments of the First Cabal

Fall Breeze was a member of the Akashic Brotherhood chosen to represent the Tradition in the First Cabal. She was killed when Heylel Teomim betrayed the Cabal to the Order of Reason.

Biography Edit

Born Jiu Ling in a Cantonese fishing community, Fall Breeze was recruited by the Akashics at a young age and quickly became a master of Do. At 26, she was the youngest member of the First Cabal, but she was chosen in part for her prodigious command of languages; by the end of the Grand Convocation she knew English, French, Mandarin, German, Greek, Latin, Gaelic, Japanese, Arabic, Iroquois, and multiple African languages to a high level of fluency in addition to her native Cantonese, and could read and write Sanskrit and Hebrew. She was enthusiastic, talkative, and blunt by nature, with a short temper and a tendency tendency for quick, powerful crushes.

Fall Breeze formed a strong friendship with Daud-Allah Abu Hisham and a cordial relationship with Louis DuMonte during the life of the First Cabal, but constantly clashed with Cygnus Moro and Eloine (who was quite insulted by Fall Breeze's ability to hurl insults in Gaelic). She picked up a weakness for hallucinogens from her exposure to the Cult of Ecstasy during the Grand Convocation, and was spiralling towards addiction towards the end of her life. This, and her terrible temper, contributed to the strain on the First Cabal that nearly tore it apart before the Great Betrayal.

When the Order of Reason attacked, Fall Breeze seemed to understand and forgive Teomim, but this did not stop her from defending herself and her comrades. She was killed along with DuMonte and Daud-Allah in the attack.

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