The Fall refers to the infamous decision of Adam and Eve to awaken themselves to become knowing as God knows. In contrast to the classical Biblical telling, Demon: The Fallen has seven Elohim present themselves before the Allfather and Allmother with messages of love. The first angel to appear is from the Seventh House, who explains who she is and offers the two a gift of food; the angels continue to appear in the reverse order that the Houses were created in. The last angel to appear is Lucifer, of the First House. In this telling, he directly offers his love and the gift of knowledge to Adam and Eve. Impressed with the simple offerings of the other Houses, they eagerly decide to embrace Lucifer's offering, which turns out to be The Fall.

Adam and Eve's decision resonates forever, and not just on Earth, but in Heaven. Lucifer's rebellious action causes Michael to be promoted to Lucifer's former position of glory. Michael challenges Lucifer and the rebellious Elohim, and offers them a painless non-existence if they surrender. The future Fallen refuse; this in turn raises a war in heaven that leads directly into the Age of Wrath and laid the groundwork for the more brutal punishment of the Abyss for those who refused Michael's call to surrender. A new group of angels called the Malhim were created to fight the Fallen during the Age of Wrath. What separated the Malhim from the Elohim is that the Malhim were made specifically for war and violence (the Fallen remember them with great fear).


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