Organization Name: Faithful of Shulpae
Other names: The Hungry
Type: Third-tier conspiracy
Endowment: Anthropophagy

The Faithful of Shulpae is a conspiracy of hunters. Originally appearing in Mortal Remains as a cult of people who eat the flesh of supernatural beings, this group has continued into the modern era.


The Faithful claim that as long as there have been men and gods for them to worship, they have been practicing their Feasts. However, as their rites are carefully guarded and passed down verbally from one generation to the next, there are few if any written records to corroborate this information.


The Faithful of Shulpae serve as a cult of worshippers of supernatural beings, seeing the beings as gods and believing that by consuming the flesh of these gods, they can (and do) gain some of their powers.


As a cult, the Faithful of Shulpae's members operate around the three goals of maintaining their religious structure, securing Feast material and members, and the most celebrated of their members who are willing to take extreme risks.

Keepers maintain the temples of the Faithful, and hold much of the political power within the conspiracy. It is their job to watch over the "slumbering" gods between Feasts, maintain the Feasting calendar, and decide who gets to participate in which Feasts. Keepers sometimes take part in small personal libations in cases where gods seem to be waking too quickly. The Keepers are considered secret weapons against any who would attack one of their temples.

Guides are the most charming of the Faithful. They search for signs of gods walking, as well as evidence of rare, eccentric souls who would make ideal candidates for the Faithful. These potential candidates are brought to Feasts, but rarely have the Feasts explained to them.

Celebrants are those who Feast heavily and are unafraid to risk life and limb to bring gods to the table, and have their sacrifices written down in books to remembered for generations to come. Those who take the greatest risks have the first plate at the table.


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