A Faction is one of five philosophies and ideals that fallen dedicate their existences to in Demon: The Fallen. Much like each of the Houses had a distinct purpose in heaven, the fallen have created new divisions and purposes to dedicate themselves to in the modern era.

The five branches of Factions are:

  • Faustians, who seek to enslave and use humanity to overthrow Heaven.
  • Cryptics, who want to unravel the puzzles to the motives of God, and possibly to existence itself.
  • Luciferans, who look for the missing Lucifer, and hope he will again lead them in the war against Heaven.
  • Raveners, who want to end existence in the most violent manner possible.
  • Reconcilers, who hope to be forgiven, rejoin Heaven and restore Earth to where it was before The Fall happened.

How members of different factions interact is determined not only by their factions views of each other but by the characters themselves. Some may confront each other with violence while others may try to recruit.


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