In the common parlance of the Nockers, FUBAR is an acronym for 'F*(%ed Up Beyond All Recognition;' A bad mistake. Also a Will o' the wisp (an electricity or fire chimera) used to power nockers' chimerical inventions. See also Glitch.

Overview Edit

As far as the nockers are concerned, you'd have to roll all the other kith into one critter and double its IQ to get something one tenth as useful as one of these. They're the best thing this side of a good Glamo-meter. They're energy fields, pure Glamour, and more flexible than any mundane energy source; they can break the laws of physics! While a mundane magnet has to have a positive and a negative pole, a FUBAR can have one pole; positive OR negative and that's incredibly useful. They even have a real-world Wyrd component which is why humans can see them sometimes, though scientists try to explain them as spontaneous methane combustion or swamp gas.

Nockers use wisps to power their experiments; some of their cutting-edge guys have done some high energy physics experiments with them that would make the Hidden Ones cack their pants. Sadly, though, it's only Dreaming energies and the Nockers can't publish anything in science journals yet. You have to be careful with FUBARs, though, because if they turn into a glitch you can kiss your experiment goodbye.

References Edit

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