The Eyes of the Snow Maiden are a singular, Level 4 Treasure of House Varich.



In ancient times, the sorceress Charodei used pieces of golden amber, clear as sunshine, to make the eyes of the Snow Maiden she presented to Varich. When the heat of his passion destroyed her, the amber eyes were discovered submerged in a pool of a strangely salty water. Varich never wished to see them again, but other members of the house have kept them, for it is rumored that they may truly see the shapes of the enemies of the fae: the Fomorians.


If an individual holds the amber pieces up to their own eyes and looks through them, they can see as if they possessed Kenning 5 for purposes of discerning the presence of creatures related to the Dreaming. They may also see through illusions and other forms of magical disguise.


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