Extreme Wrestling Warfare, also known as EWW, is a brutal and deadly variation of professional wrestling within the World of Darkness.


The ways of the Jyhad are shrouded in subtlety, as cloaking and ephemeral as ancient Night itself. And yet, there is one arena in which the freakish denizens of the dark can flaunt their nature freely, in which Masquerades fall to tatters and the Delirium only exacerbates the onlookers’blood-mad frenzy. This is the circus of carnage known to Classic World of Darkness sports aficionados as Extreme Wrestling Warfare. The barbaric spectacle, which is televised worldwide and garners enormous pay-per-view revenues, is wildly popular among mortal and Awakened beings alike.

In EWW, the jaded fans are accustomed to crazed combat maneuvers and bizarre characters, so even the most monstrous of the night-breed is but another costumed legend, to be revered or reviled as the fans see fit. Although the majority of EWW’s competitors are human (if only nominally so), a fair number of supernaturals compete in the federation, both to hone their combat skills and to wallow in the luxury of indulging their powers in public.” The Pentex Corporation runs a training camp from which many “steroid”-twisted combatants emerge.

EWW’s current cruiserweight champion, lucha daredevil Huitzil Kolibri, is whispered to be a jaguar-warrior of the elusive Bastet, while International Champion “Diamond” Duncan Dunsirn’s violent appetites and blood-red kilt inspire gruesome speculation from persons knowledgeable in the ways of the fae. The tag team division is dominated by two of New York’s meanest, Assamite antitribu terror-twins Sucka T. and Farouk Mustafa (“Skorpio”); these 23-time champs are collectively known as the 2Hot Nation of Harlem Ghetto Posse Gangsta Experience.

A formidable and motley crew, indeed. But the true lord and ruler of EWW —indeed, the mightiest combatant ever to lace up a pair of boots —is unquestionably the masked sensation, the Tijuana Terror, the Heavyweight Champion of the World, the Toughest S.O.B. in EWW, the Mexican Nightmare El Diablo Verde.


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