The Technocratic Union makes use of a wide variety of specialized agents. Even the un-Enlightened among the Technocracy have a great deal of in-depth training and theoretical knowledge. As a result, some members of the Technocracy's auxiliary corps are capable of some extraordinary scientific developments, even if they cannot match the inspirational works of Enlightened agents (in short, they are the technomantic equivalent to sorcerers).

Extraordinary Citizens vary in focus depending on their Convention: A Citizen of the Progenitors is most likely to have studied medicine or biology, while most N.W.O citizens have degrees in psychology or sociology. They use technical devices in order to achieve the technomantic equivalent to hedge magic, meaning that they lack the inner drive of the Eidolon that guides Enlightened scientists.

With the advent of the Avatar Storm, the Extraordinary Citizen has been raised in general importance within the Union. As masters are lost behind the Gauntlet, more and more Enlightened personnel has been shifted in their duties, leaving more work to do for the hedge scientists.

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