Name: Explorator
Plural: Explorators
Pronunciation: ehks-plohr'-ah-tohrz
Faction: Technocratic Union

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History Edit

Early History Edit

Dark Ages Edit

Renaissance Edit

Victorian Age Edit

In 1851, the Celestial Masters, the Void Seekers, and the larger Order of Reason underwent reorganization and emerged as the Technocratic Union. The Celestial Masters and Void Seekers were merged and re-christened the Explorators.

This will last until the closing years of the 19th century, when the Technoracy will reorganize itself yet again. In the process, the Explorators will become the Void Engineers.

Organization Edit

Guilds Edit

  • adventurers
  • ghosts & faeries
The creator of the Explorators, Bryan Armor, has this to say:
The Explorators would've had one made up of Alan Quatermain and Professor Challenger types who would eventually become the Earth Frontier Division and a group focused on investigating ghosts and faeries that would become the basis for the Neutralization Specialization Corps.
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