Experience points (experience traits in Mind's Eye Theatre, Experiences in the revised Storytelling System) are used to measure character advancement over time. Experience is usually awarded by the Storyteller at the end of a session, chapter, story, or chronicle, with all characters receiving some base amount. Additional experience points may also be awarded for fulfilling certain criteria, usually revolving around character growth in some way. In the original version of the Storytelling System, Flaws give bonus experience when they come into play.

Vampire: The Dark Ages and Dark Ages: Vampire introduced the maturation system, where a character receives maturation points during extended periods of downtime that can be used in a fashion similar to experience points.

The Revised Storytelling System (introduced in The God-Machine Chronicle and expanded in the Chronicles of Darkness: Revised Storytelling System Rulebook) renames experience points to Experiences, which are gained by earning Beats. A Beat is earned by engaging with the character's Aspirations, or by facing adversity in the form of breaking points, most Conditions, and select dramatic failures; additionally, one Beat is earned at the end of each session. On earning five Beats, they are automatically exchanged for one Experience.

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