-morph: One of various distinct forms of an organism or species. Greek "form, shape."
Oddly enough, the exi- prefix doesn't seem to exist. Exi has been used as slang for existentialist in the past. So exactly what "eximorph" means in the Trinity Universe remains unknown.

In Trinity Universe terms, an eximorph is one of three types of supernormal entities (the others are paramorphs and psychomorphs). They are able to manipulate quantum energy by means of a lump of tissue in their forebrain called the Mazarin-Rashoud node.

The first known (and most powerful) eximorph is Michael Daemon Donighal.

Adventure! Edit

In the Inspiration Age, eximorphs are known as stalwarts.

Aberrant Edit

In the Nova Age, eximorphs are referred to as novas, after their scientific appellation, Homo sapiens novus. A branch of the Æon Society, Project Utopia, is dedicated to researching them and assisting them in developing their abilities.

Trinity Edit

In the Unity Age, eximorphs are most often called Aberrants. The channeling of quantum has twisted their mind and mutated their bodies until they're barely recognizable as human. They are largely considered insane monsters. However, Nippon secretly has been harboring some sane Aberrants (who still call themselves novas), and novas have likewise been discovered on planet Eden by the Upeo wa Macho.