Exile was a science fiction game in development in 1996 and intended for release in 1997. Part of a larger universe called the Null Cosm, Exile was, like Vampire: The Masquerade, intended to be the first of a series of games set in that universe. Rather than recycle the Storyteller System, Exile was to have a new die mechanic based on percentile ratings.

Setting Edit

In Exile, players take on the role of Exiles, people who have been kicked out of Trinary, the centre of human civilization.

Development History Edit

Exile was unique in that it was, while it was being developed by White Wolf staff, all rights would be owned by a separate non-profit organization called the Null Foundation. Details are sketchy, but it appeared that Mark Rein•Hagen was intending for the Null Cosm setting itself to be open, much like the modern d20 System is open for rules. In this way, nearly anyone would be able to create their own setting materials for the universe.

In 2001, Rein•Hagen's company Automoton created the first collectible action figure game called Z-G (Zero-Gravity). The figures were supposed to represent cybernetic gladiators, and their individual parts could be interchanged. Z-G was supposedly set in the same Null Cosm as Exile. It was cancelled in 2003.

In 2013, Rein•Hagen's company Make-Believe Games successfully Kickstarted a zombie game called I AM ZOMBIE, a combination CCG, board game, and RPG. He claimed in a Reddit AMA that this was the first game in a NullCosm series, albeit slightly changed from its use in Exile and Z-G.

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