Exalted Second Edition Storytellers Companion is a sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition.

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Creation is a dangerous place, and there are no more powerful magnets for danger than the returned Solar Exalted. With a list of enemies dating back to the First Age, the Lawgivers will be hard-pressed to survive long enough to set the world aright.
Of course, the only thing the Solars are better at than making enemies is forging alliances. If the Solars can succeed in making more friends than enemies in this Time of Tumult, perhaps a new golden age may be built after all.
This book includes:
  • An exhaustive breakdown of the five Exalted types, their powers, their motivations and the military forces they may bring to bear
  • The Mandate of Heaven rules, which allow players to play out the fate of nations
  • More than 30 Exalt templates, complete with Charm packages, from which Storytellers may quickly construct antagonists for any Exalted series



Chapter One: The Dragon-BloodedEdit

Chapter Two: The Lunar ExaltedEdit

Chapter Three: The Sidereal ExaltedEdit

Chapter Four: The Abyssal ExaltedEdit

Chapter Five: The Solar ExaltedEdit

Appendix: The Mandate of HeavenEdit


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