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Exalted is a game line detailing the Age of Sorrows, a time before the World of Darkness existed. It follows the adventures of the Solar Exalted, the persecuted reincarnations of old gods from the First Age in an era where the rule of the Dragon-Blooded Exalted is threatened and the Realm threatens to fall apart.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Before there was a World of Darkness, there was an age of savage adventure.
The Realm of the Dragon-Blooded stands astride the ruins of the First Age -- an invicible colossus.
For millenia, its Scarlet Empress kept her fist clenched around the windpipe of the world.
Now, the Empress is no more, and the Realm spirals closer to chaos and civil war with each passing day.
Into this time of strife come the Solar Exalted, heroes of legend reborn into a time of woe.
Will these living legends herald the return of the Golden Age or the end of Creation?
What legends will they tell of your deeds?


The Introduction contains several key pieces of information right in the front of the book. It gives a brief overview of what a Storytelling game is. It gives a synopsis of history that everyone in Creation should know by the time they are an adult. (The Introduction stresses that it is NOT the actual history of the REAL world.) It also contains the Lexicon and suggested sources of inspiration to run a properly epic Exalted game.

Chapter One: Setting

Chapter Two: Systems

Chapter Three: Character Creation

Chapter Four: Traits

Chapter Five: Charms and Sorcery

Chapter Six: Drama

Chapter Seven: Storytelling

Chapter Eight: Antagonists

Chapter Nine: Wonders and Equipment

Background Information

Memorable Quotes

The legend of Mmatmuor and Sodosma shall arise only in the latter cycles of earth, when the glad legends of the prime have been forgotten. Before the time of its telling, many epochs shall have passed away and seas shall have fallen in their beds, and new continents shall have come to birth. Perhaps, in that day, it will serve to beguile for a little the black weariness of a dying race, grown hopeless of all but oblivion.

- Clark Ashton Smith, "The Empire of the Necromancers"



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