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From the the White Wolf Publishing Spring and Summer 2006 Highlights:

March 2006

Epic Fantasy Reimagined and Ready to Sell!!

March 2006 will see the release of the Exalted Second Edition and a chance for retailers to realize significant profits. Next to Vampire, Exalted is White Wolf's best-selling game line, having created a dedicated following of rpg players and crossing-over to anime fans. Exalted's large fan base has been eagerly awaiting the release of this new edition. The gorgeously illustrated, full color book with its revised game system promises to reward their patience. to help you get on board with this important launch, we are offering two different "Launch Packs" - orderable retail kits that include books to sell, add-on items to complement a fan's purchase of the rulebook, and other promotional tools to help you have an exciting and profitable product launch in your store.

Exalted Basic Kit

This pack is recommended for hobby retailers for whom games are a sideline. It includes:

Included Free with Kit

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