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Original Concept and Design:
Additional Design:
Authors: Carl Bowen and Jim Zubkavich
Storyteller Game System: Mark Rein•Hagen
Art Direction:
Artists: Noi Sackda, Greg Boychuk and Roberto Campus
Cover Art: Noi Sackda
Publisher: UDON.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: February 11, 2006
Pages: 37
Year: 768 RY
Publication #:
Reference #: ISBN 1-20000-UDON-3
Online: Bullet-comics.png
Price: Digital: $1.99

Exalted Comic 3 is the fourth issue of the comic book based on Exalted.

Summary Edit

The Solar Circle digs deeper into the evil that plagues the coastal city of Chiaroscuro while dangerous Dragon-Blooded investigators close in on their trail. As if that wasn’t tough enough, they also have to contend with the mysterious assassin known as Harmonious Jade.

From the pages of White Wolf’s hit RPG comes a new fantasy series that will shake Creation to its knees. Udon’s Exalted comic is made to appeal to the thousands of existing Exalted fans as well as brand new readers with no prior knowledge of the RPG line.

Also in this issue, an insightful interview with the creators of the Exalted game line a special back-up story drawn by Carlo Barberi!

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