Original Concept and Design:
Additional Design:
Authors: Gala Ferriere and Jim Zub
Storyteller Game System: Mark Rein•Hagen
Art Direction:
Artists: Noi Sackda, Greg Boychuk, Roberto Campus
Cover Art: Noi Sackda and Espen Grundetjern
Publisher: UDON
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: November 2, 2005
Pages: 35
Year: 768 RY
Publication #:
Reference #: ISBN
Online: Bullet-rpg
Price: Digital: $1.99

Exalted Comic 1 is the second issue of the comic book based on Exalted.

Summary Edit

A young boy named Kidale is anointed with the power of a reincarnated Solar Exalted and becomes the catalyst for conflict and heroism in the glittering glass city of Chiaroscuro. In a world where the gods have turned their attention away from mankind and incredibly powerful exalts stride forth to remake Creation in their image, legends will be forged and sacrifices will be made.

From the pages of White Wolf’s hit RPG comes a new fantasy comic that will shake Creation to its knees. Udon Comics is proud to present a brand new series that will appeal to the thousands of existing Exalted fans as well as brand new readers with no prior knowledge of the RPG line. With jaw-dropping artwork by fan favorite Noi Sackda and a special back-up story drawn by Cary 'Conan' Nord, Exalted #1 is the explosive premier of a new generation in epic fantasy adventure.

Background Edit

Issue #1 includes bonus Exalted RPG material not found anywhere except the Exalted Comic #1.

Also includes RPG stats for Drogath not available in the regular print version of Exalted #1.
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