Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded

Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded is a fatsplat for Exalted that features the Dragon-Blooded Exalted, who control both the elements and the Realm. However, the latter is quickly slipping from their grasp with the disappearance of fellow Terrestrial the Scarlet Empress and the increasing numbers of Solar Exalted that are reincarnating.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Before there was a World of Darkness, there was an age of savage adventure.
Astride the world stands the Realm, the last bastion of civilization and culture in an time of barbarism
For centures, the Scarlet Empress ruled her invincible kingdom with an iron hand, preserving Creation against innumerable dangers.
Now, the Empress has vanished, and the Realm spirals ever closer to civil war as the Great Houses struggle for power in her absence.
From the four corners of the world, terrible threats arise: Deathlords, Fair Folk, and the twisted insanity of the Anathema.
As a Dragon-Blooded, you are heir to Creation's last and greatest empire. Will you rise to the challenge of your times or descend into fratricide and politics while the world burns around you?
What legends will they tell of your deeds?


Chapter One: Setting

Chapter Two: The Dragon-Blooded

Chapter Three: Character Creation

Chapter Four: Traits

Chapter Five: Charms

Chapter Six: Martial Arts

Chapter Seven: Storytelling

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